The prequel teaser of ‘Baahubali’ released on Netflix

Fans of ‘Baahubali’ can once again get a chance to see the glorious empire in the new series of Netflix. Recently, the beginner’s teaser was released on Netflix for the Baahubali film Prequel Baahubali.

In this web series, the story of Baahubali starts from where it happened before it will be shown. This web series of Netflix is ​​based on the story of ‘The Rise of Shivgami’ novel.

Baahubali's Prequel will be released on Netflix
Baahubali’s Prequel will be released on Netflix

In the Teaser video, some of the first releases of Baahubali films have been shot. These include some scenes of Baahubali and Shivgamy and Mahishmati empire. In this prequel, it is said about Shiva, that is, the basis of Rajmata and what happens in Mahishmati empire before Baahubali.

There will be nine episodes in a series of series. In this, a revolting and revenge girl will be shown the journey of Lord Shiva to become an intelligent and unique queen. For this, Netflix has teamed up with Arka Media Works and Rajamauli in the creation of ‘Baahubali’. Dev Katta and Praveen Sataru will co-direct these series.


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