Dhadak Movie Review: Janhvi Kapoor, Ishaan Khatter film is refreshing but weak

Eventually, this Friday, Sridevi’s daughter Janhvi Kapoor’s first movie Dhadak was released, Shahid Kapoor’s brother Ishaan Khattar. Earlier, in the international fame director Majid’s movie ‘Beyond the Cloud’, the audience of iron and talent has entertained the audience. This is the reason why this young couple’s film has a tremendous craze before the release. At the same time, the director of this film, Shashank Khaitan, has been a hit on both the previous films ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’ and ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhania’ box office. Here, due to the beating, the audience and the trade have some high expectations.

Dhadak Movie Review, box office, first day collection
Dhadak Movie Review, box office, first day collection

Let me tell you that this movie is a Hindi remake of the super hit Marathi film ‘Sairat’, which is a box office record collection. By the way, Sairat has already been made in Tamil and Punjabi and both of these films are very much liked by the audience. You will be surprised that the budget of the Marathi film was Rs. 04 crore, the film collected about 105 crores on the ticket window. In such a way, Shankhak also has given his film almost the same look which was seen in Marathi film. Not only that, Marathi touch is heard in music of ‘Dhadak’. The film, which was released in country and abroad, can be judged by the fact that the film has an average of ten more shows in multiplexes; the film also received good response in advance booking, first on the Delight Cineplex of New Delhi. More than 50 percent of the three tickets have been sold in advance.

Story Plot

Udaipur’s dreaded leader Ratan Singh (Ashutosh Rana) wants to win assembly elections in any way, for this he does not even refrain from raising the respect of anybody’s daughter. Her daughter studied at Parthvi (Jahvani Kapoor) college and she falls in love with a small caste boy Madhukar (Ishaan Khattar). As soon as the villagers feel ashamed of this, they beat Madhukar. To save his love, the goddess takes every possible handcuffs and then both run away. Both of them travel to Kolkata while traveling from Udaipur to Mumbai, Nagpur. Can a goddess choose a special life by leaving a special life and playing love with Madhukar? There are many twists and turns in the film.

Dhadak Movie Review, box office, first day collection
Dhadak Movie Review, box office, first day collection


This movie is very weak in acting. Janhvi got a role in the film that could show all his shades. Would you like to bike or gun? From Naina Charna to Love, Troubledness, Rebellion … There was an opportunity to show every color to Janhvi, but he could not take it anywhere in her acting. Janhvi has to give a Rajasthani touch in her language, which does not fit at all. While speaking the dialogue, her accent also seems to be thrown.

In the emotional session, she did not even know life at all. In this, she has got the character of a very strong girl who also comes with a car to drive guns but Janhvi’s Confident does not appear. If you have seen ‘Sairat’, then Rinku Rajpurohit looks in ‘free mind’ when going to school from bullet bike. If he protects his hero from being beaten then he sees ‘courage’ in him, when he shoots, he sees ‘Dum’ in them. But Jahnavi’s attitude shows lenience, they are shown as ‘rebel’ but they do not see ‘infidelity’.

Dhadak Movie Review, box office, first day collection
Dhadak Movie Review, box office, first day collection

Ishaan Khattar has done well in Madhukar’s role. Although he was expected to have a great acting in this film. The reason is that before this, Ishaan was very much liked in ‘Beyond the Clouds’. In this film, he fits in his scene but still he cannot emerge from the front. Ashutosh Rana did great acting in the film.


It has been said of a large caste and a small caste but it is not visible. When Madhukar’s father says to him, ‘We are from a small caste, stay away from him …’ Then the viewer realizes that the matter is of caste also. The biggest drawback is that in the second half, the other characters of the film have disappeared. The full focus is on showing the life of Parthvi and Madhukar. Somewhere the movie is so slow that it does not grow further, so far it moves so fast that you start thinking that what it is going to be. The makers themselves do not know who to focus on.


‘Atul and Ajay have given music to the movie. There was also the music of both of them in Sairat which was a hit. Ajay and Atul had written the lyrics of Marathi songs but they were written by Amitabh Bhattacharya in Hindi. There are four songs in the title track and ‘Zingaat’. From the time of ‘Sairat’, ‘Zingaat’ is on the tongue of the people, but after the release of the other songs, you do not even remember.


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