How often should sex be done to stay away from Aging marks?

Sex is not just fun or sports, and not just a workout to create a baby Experts believe that it is also important for health, i.e., that many problems of health are away from sex.

How often should sex be done to stay away from Aging marks?

How often should sex be done to stay away from Aging marks?
How often should sex be done to stay away from Aging marks?

Benefits of sex

By having sex, your stress goes away, sleep improves, blood pressure decreases, immunity increases, and you feel about fulfillment of feeling close to your partner. Not only this, a new research coming from the past is claiming to add another benefit to these benefits of sex. This research believes that if you have sex at least once a week, then it helps to protect you with your DNA and give you even more longevity.

In one of his research, researchers from the University of California observed 129 such women who had become mothers for a week. These women who participated in this research also gave a daily report about their relationship with partner, sexual satisfaction, quarrel, support and intimacy. When researchers match their reports with their blood sampus, they will get amazing results.

In those, at least one time sexually transmitted genetic material, TELMOR, found in DNA of women who had sex at least once a week with their partner. This is also responsible for TELMOR AGING which is found in DNA. On the other hand, who had sex less than once a week during this time, it was not found in their DNA.

Tolmore and Long Life

Now the question is, what is the relationship with telomer’s long life? Researchers say that over time, telomeres found in our body cells are divided due to age aging, poor diet, and excessive use of alcohol. Apart from this, when one cell is split, the gelatinous substance that remains at the end of every chromosome, also becomes telomere. After dividing 50 to 100 times of one cell, this telamer gets eliminated and after this the cells also stop splitting.

How often do sex ?

The results of this new research have shown that regular sex is the result of your cells getting repaired and their age increases. As a result, our cells remain healthy and young.

It turns out that regular sex is our body cells remain young by staying away from Aging. This research has also suggested that any couple should have sex at least once a week, so that they get the most benefit. If you are trying to revive the spark of your relationship in the bedroom then you should take a lesson from this habit of couples with great sex life.


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