Films made on ‘fake’ drug of cancer

In China, a film made on the life of a businessman is ready to release, which is based on the story of selling ‘fake’ Indian medicine four years ago to thousands of patients with blood cancer. This film, “Dying to Survive” has been directed by Wayne Muay and co-producer Nink Ho and Shu Cheng. Concert is being discussed in China’s social media today about the subject of the film.

dying to survive
dying to survive

Tell it is based on the story of Loo. Lu sells ‘bogus’ medicines by bringing one type of blood cancer patients from India to China, because these patients were not able to buy drugs manufactured by Switzerland’s Pharma companies. Lu is accused of promoting counterfeit medicine in 2014 and is arrested in January 2015 if not appearing in the court. More than a thousand patients in the fortnight offer a petition for release and two weeks later, the prosecution takes back their charges.

The film’s director Wayne said at the premiere in Beijing that most of this part is based on the experience of Loo from 2004 to 2014, but many changes have been made from the aspect of art in ‘Keeping to Survive’. The film’s top actor and co-producer Shu told that after the start of the shooting, I met Lu from the first time. He is a normal person. Lu was also present in the program on Monday.

He said that it should be taken care that they never exported the drug to make money. There has been a major change in the Chinese pharmaceutical market after 2015. Lu originally did business in the field of textile and in 2002 he was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 34, and due to heavy expenditure on treatment, he reached the brink of bankruptcy.


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