Top 10 Indian Best Web Series in 2018

The concept of web series used to be new in India until a few years ago, but today the web series, movies and TV serials have become very popular in India. Anyway, people had caught up with similar films and TV serials. In such a way the web series proved to be right for them. Today we have brought you the Top 10 Indian Best Web Series in 2018, which you will forget about movies and TV serials. With this we will also tell you that if you do not see these web series, then you have missed a lot in your entertainment life. Today, we will let you know about Top 10 Indian Best Web Series in 2018.

Top 10 Indian Best Web Series in 2018
Top 10 Indian Best Web Series in 2018

Permanent Roommates

This Indian web series is composed by “The Viral Fever” (TVF) and Biswapati Sarkar. It is based on the story of a couple (Mikesh and Tanya) who have been in long distance relationships for 3 years. Mikesh has played the character Sumit Vyas, you will be able to see both the fight, conflicts and a lot of comedy in this series. There have been two seasons of Permanent Roommates.

Life Sahi Hai

‘Life Sahi Hai’ is the story of four boys in which the comedy has been shown. You must watch this web series. It is composed by Love Ranjan, Ankur Garg and Tarun Jain.


This web series is based on brother and sister. This is also made by The Viral Fever (TVF). Seeing this, what is the experience of going on tripling with your siblings?

TVF Pitchers

It is based on the story of four friends. Those who have left the job and want to start the start-up company. The Journey of these friends has been shown to be quite fun in this web series. TVF has teamed up with Arunbha Kumar to create this web series.

Bang Baaja Baaraat

This starrer web series has the story of two loving couples who decide to get married. But when the talk of marriage comes to the house, then the problems start. It includes Ali Fazal, Angira Dhar and Ranjit Kapoor.

Dev DD

People liked Ekta Kapoor’s web series “Dev DD”. Dev DD is the story of love, cheating, sex, alcohol and break-up. This story is based on Devika Dharam Trivedi, who lives in Jaipur but is very modern with its society. People are hesitant to use the term ‘bra’ in his society. It is a modern one, so every boy sees her with just a look of sex. Her marriage is fixed in a typical Indian family but her marriage breaks because of her modern lifestyle. He could not bear this news and drink alcohol.


There have been 2 seasons of this series, which has 7 episodes in the first season and 7 episodes in the second season also. This series is based. Three university friends who start work on the food delivery at night But what tweets do you have with it, you have to see this web series to know about it.


TVF Bachelors is the story of four bachelors friends who live in the same flat. Due to being a bachelor, what is the problem with the society that he suffers is based on this series. In the series Bhuvan bam is also in the lead role. There are 5 episodes in this series.

Man’s World

This web series shows about the world in the Caspint where men are given the place of women. Meaning of a world where women are free and men under women Today, as women are teased, men in the world are teased and have to think even when going out late at night. There are 4 episodes in this series.


This is an Adult Love Story which is directed by Vikram Bhatt. In this web series, TV actress Shama is playing the role of House Wife named Sikandar Sonia. In the film, Shama has been shown to have sex with bad sex. It has several intimate scenes in it. This web series is inspired by the Hollywood movie ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’. There are also 6 songs in the series to get tired.

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