Alia Bhatt’s big statement on the news of Ranbir’s linkup

Alia Bhatt’s big statement on the news of Ranbir’s linkup: Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt says she has become habituated to the news of the link-up. Alia’s name has often been associated with his co-stars. Alia is currently working with Ranbir Kapoor in the film Brahmastra and the names of both are being added. Alia said, the truth never bothers me. Lies in the same way does not bother me because if that thing is not true then why should I worry.

She further said, the news of link-ups does not affect my relationship with people. We have become accustomed to all of these because this is part of Limelight. Everyone will say somethingabout you. You should not be affected by them.

Alia Bhatt said, I have no fear of marriage that my career will end with marriage. If I want, I will get married. Career has nothing to do with marriage. Ranbir is enjoying working with they are just as I thought. He is an extremely well-art artist. They laugh at work too. He is very positive. I’m getting to learn a lot from them.


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