B’Day Special: The first Miss India to work in films was Nutan

In today’s era, where the beauty of Miss India is won, it is easy to get the opportunity to work in films. But at the same time, Nutan had to struggle hard to get work in films. Born in Mumbai on 4 June 1936, Nutan ( Nutan Samarth). She got the art of acting in heritage. Her mother, Shobhna Samarth Jani, was a film actress. Because of the film environment at home, Nutan often used to go to shoot with his mother. Because of this, she had a tendency towards films and he also started looking for an actress. Nutan started her cinema career as a child actor from the film Nal Damayanti. Meanwhile Nutan participated in the All India Beauty Competition, in which she was first elected. But the attention of any Bollywood producer did not go to her.

The first Miss India to work in films was Nutan
The first Miss India to work in films was Nutan

Nutan got the chance to star in the fil Hamari Beti in the year 1950. The film was directed by her mother Shobhana Samarth. After that, Nutan work in Hum Log, Shesham, Nagina and Shabab. She could not make a certain identity from these films. Nutan performed the powerful character of the heroine on the on screen. Nutan also received the Best Film Actress Award for her cine-career for her strong acting in the film.

Meanwhile Nutan paid a guest with Devanand and in film Tere Ghar Ke Samne, Nutan introduced her multifaceted talent by rolling lightly. After the release of the 1953 film Gold Chide, Nuten’s name was started in the film industry, and later he played a tough role after one and got into the film industry. In the film Delhi Ka Thug which was released in the year 1958. Nutan shocked the society at that time by wearing swimming costume. Nutan did a lot of bold scenes in the film Baarish, which also made her a lot of criticism but later, in Bimal Roy’s Sujata and Bandini, Nutan changed the image of her bold actress by acting extremely touching. She was awarded the Filmfare Award for the second time in her cine career.


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