Ranbir Kapoor Relationship with Alia Bhatt

Recently, the trailer of ‘Sanju’ was released. Everyone in the film is praising Ranbir Kapoor’s work. The film has received more than 10 million views in 18 hours. The news of Alia and her affair with the film’s trailer is holding back again.

According to the news, in a recent interview, Ranbir told the truth about his relationship with Alia. In response to this question, Ranbir stamped his relationship and said, “Yes, all this is new, it is too early to talk about it. Alia Bhatt as an artist, as a person, seeing the work of Alia, when seeing her acting, but in life, whatever they give, I want to take it for myself.

Ranbir Kapoor said that the new love brings a lot of curiosity inside you. Your old tricks are suddenly new. Today I am more balanced than ever, I have a value of relationships.

Let me tell you in a recent interview, Ranbir had said about the relationship with Aliya, “Yes, as a boy, I have a crush on her.”


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