Veere Di Wedding film banned in Pakistan

Bollywood film “Veere Di Wedding” is seen floating in controversies. In fact, the release of this movie has been banned in Pakistan. According to Pak media, the Central Board of Film Sensors (CBFC) has banned the film due to obscene language and objectionable sexual dialogues. Apart from Pakistan, the film will now release the World Wide on June 1.

It is worth mentioning that during the promotion of the film, Kareena Kapoor said that this is a progressive film. People have appreciated this by looking at the movie trailer because the language of the film is very different. During the promotion, Kareena said that when watching four girls on the screen, the viewer think that they will show their clothes, shoes and bags in the film, but this film is not the same. In the meantime, Sonam had said that whatever film I do, I try to change some kind of conservative thinking from my character.

The film’s producer Riya Kapoor had said during this time that I should tell you, if we are making such a film for which my father can come together, then it is clear that women will not be embarrassed to see the film.


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