First Look of Sonkashi Sinha for Dabangg 3, Lose 35kg Weight

These days Salman Khan’s upcoming films are in the limelight Race 3. Discussions have begun with Bharat and now Dabangg 3.

First Look of Sonkashi Sinha for Dabangg 3, Lose 35kg Weight

There are reports about Dabangg 3 recently, that for the first time in this movie Salman’s actress Sonakshi Sinha will get a completely different incarnation. Sonakshi Sinha had been busy transforming herself for a long time.

First Look of Sonkashi Sinha for Dabangg 3, Lose 35kg Weight
First Look of Sonkashi Sinha for Dabangg 3, Lose 35kg Weight

Sonakshi Sinha, who is debuted with Dabangg’s Salman movie, has caught considerable negative reaction on her weight. After this, she has transformed herself for Dabangg 2 and now Sonakshi Sinha has decided that she will be seen in a totally different incarnation of Dabangg 3. It is being told that she has lost more than 35 kg of weight for Dabangg 3. After losing weight, Sonakshi has recently shared photos on Instagram. Looking at this picture, you can imagine how Sonakshi’s first look in Dabangg 3 will be.

Sonakshi used to be up to 90 kg before starting Bollywood career, and when she got the offer of a debut from Salman in 2010 with the film ‘Dabangg‘, she only lost weight up to 30 kg. Director of the film Arbaaz Khan and Producer Prabhudeva have confirmed that Sonakshi will be seen in the opposite of Salman. It is believed that this film will be released till 2019.

The story will be of Chulbul Pandey. What happened to his life before Dabangg and Dabangg 2 showed how he made Chulbul Pandey. This will be shown in flashback only. The story of today will be shown in the rest of the film.

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Dabangg 3 is also being written as an important character for Lulia Ventur. However, Lulia is not replacing Sonakshi Sinha in the film. Rather it will be both in the film

Sonakshi Sinha will be part of the film. But along with the new characters will join the film. In such a way, Sonakshi i.e. will be written as Razzo’s character. It will be interesting to see.

Arbaaz Khan said Dabangg 3 will definitely happen. Me and Salman sit together and talk about it. Preparations will begin this year. In 2018 we will start working on the film. The film will take a year. Movie can be released in 2019. Let me tell you, Arbaaz Khan will be producer of the film.

Sources say that when Prabhudeva got the offer to direct Dabang 3 on behalf of Salman Khan, then he had to select one between Dabangg 3 and Wanted 2. So Prabhudeva chose Dabangg 3.

Now it is very interesting to see Sonakshi Sinha in this avatar.


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