Akshay Kumar’s Movie Kesari Sets Burns Down

A set of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie ‘Kesari‘ burns down two weeks ago. This set was made in the Maharashtra-based Wai. Recently, its loss figures have come out. The fire at the set of ‘Kesari’, the fort of Saragarhi, has caused tremendous damage to the team. According to reports, a set fire has caused a loss of 18 crores. During the shooting of the film on 24th April, only the wall of the fort was to blow up. But due to the speed of the wind, the small spark became transformed into flames and in the last few minutes, the entire fort was completely burnt down.

According the sources, from the baggage on the set, all the people were insured, but when the insurance company was given the details of the loss for the claim, then they would say the negligence of crew members. They say there were not enough security arrangements on the set. To avoid the fire, there were only water tankers on the set. Because of this, the fire could not be controlled. Now the point of view will be whether the insurance company compensates the production house or not. This film is being produced by Akshay’s wife, Twinkle Khanna.

On the lines of ‘Show Must Go On’, the film’s team is preparing to shoot in Himachal on May 20. All the film’s main actors will shoot in Lahaul-Spiti from May 20. Here the film will be shot for 12 days.


Post Author: crazzyadda