Omerta Movie Review, Movie Cast and Story

Omerta Movie Review, Movie Cast and Story: Today, We are going to tell you about the Omerta Movie Review, Movie Cast and Story.

Omerta Movie Review

The story of the film is of 2002, the story of the cruel assassination of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh (prince) journalist Daniel Pearl (Timothy Ryan) living in London in his letter of introduction. In 1994, in the wake of the kidnapping of some foreign tourists in Delhi, due to Omar’s involvement in living in jail, and spent ruthlessly murdering Daniel, this story revolves around these characters.

Rajkumaar Rao and Hansal Mehta’s Deadly Combination is again in front of the audience through Omerta. This is the same pair of films which show the reality of real life like ‘Citylights’, ‘Shahid’ and ‘Aligarh’. The specialty of Hansal is that they make films forcing them to think and they have bitter reality in life. Rajkumaar Rao is doing the work of realizing the real life of these films. Something similar is also in ‘Omerta’.

Rajkuamar Rao is amazing in the acting. As soon as Hansal Mehta gets along with him, his acting comes out in awe. Something similar happened this time too. He has played this dark character well. But the ease with which they fall into the character is really amazing. The rest of the filmmakers are fine but Rajkuamar Rao is a great one.

Ishaan Chhabra’s background score is just fine, on the lines of some of the previous films of Hansal, this movie also takes a very limited movie for a limited audience, but if you look at this movie, then after coming out of the hall, something very close to the dreaded calm terrorist is deemed to be very close. Making such films is not the only thing about every maker or actor. Hansal’s heart will openly praise that he dares to make a film on such a subject.

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