Call without SIM and Network with Internet Telephony Service


Call without SIM and Network with Internet Telephony Service: In today’s time, the problem of mobile network is low, but sometimes we have not found the network everywhere because of which we can neither use the Internet nor we can call and due to network lack many times we have to face losses in many ways. But now even the solution of this problem has come. With this service you will be able to use your essential calls and the Internet without a network. This service is called Internet telephony.

Call without SIM and Network with Internet Telephony Service
Call without SIM and Network with Internet Telephony Service
So let us first know how the Internet telephony will work.

Internet telephony can be used through the app. This app will be available on Google Play Store or It may also be that every operator has its own separate app. With this, a 10 digit number will be released which will be like the mobile number. To understand easily, if you are using the Airtel SIM, but later you get the Jio internet telephony app, then users will get a separate number. This number and the app will be used through broadband. If you use the same operator’s app, the operator of which you are using SIM, then you will not need to change the number.

TRAI had suggested in October last year about internet telephony. TRAI’s aim was to eliminate the problem of call drop, so that the customer can get a better service, which would end the problem of call drop and remove the problem of poor network from the country.

The government has allowed this proposal of TRAI. Telecom operators will have to obtain Internet telephony licenses. Companies that have this license will be able to offer this facility to the customers. There will be no need for any kind of SIM for this feature. It will be activated via the app.

After getting permission from the government, the Inter Ministerial Telecom Commission has also approved the proposal. Including Reliance Jio, Airtel and Other operators will be able to get it started. According to TRAI’s advisor Arvind Kumar, “Since the arrival of this service, customers will be benefited a lot. The biggest advantage of this service will be those people who have connectivity difficulty in their area. From multistory building to metro cities, there are many such areas where there is a network problem and here the telecom signals are weak but the Wi-Fi service is good.

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