Orkut Launched Hello Network in India


Orkut Launched Hello Network in India: Orkut Buukkhoten, the founder of the social networking site- Orkut.com, which was the most prevalent in India, launched the Hello network in India on Wednesday. Orkut is the Chief Executive Officer of Hello Networks Inc. and is currently on a five-city tour of India with his team. After launching the Hello network in Delhi, Orkut will travel with his team to Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Orkut Launched Hello Network in India
Orkut Launched Hello Network in India

Orkut said that the Hello app has been specially designed for new generation, which will create a positive and meaningful social networking environment by bringing people connected to the areas of their choice on a platform.

The model of Hello is inspired by the real life model, where people prefer to meet their nature in common life and to meet people similar to Hobby.

The founder of Hello claims that this network will take the connectors apart from the imagined and dormant world created by technology, where they feel quite troubled and desperate today.

Orkut said, “In our real life, our passion becomes the medium of communication between us. We like to meet more people, whose habits and preferences are similar to us. Our goal was to create a platform where people meet people of their choice and talk meaningful and positive things. The technique will help us in any way but we will not confuse or frustrate us in some way. No possibility has been left on the hay network. ”

Hello Networks Inc. has done a beta test for many months in India and the result is very positive. Orkut believes that the way Orkut.com has more than 300 million users in India, similarly the Hello network will also be successful and will give happiness to the people.

This app can be downloaded from the Google App Store and its iOS version is also available. It is free and login is required to use it, which can be done by creating personal logs or by using your phone number.

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