Logitech Launched First Ever Hindi Typing Keyboards


Logitech Launched First Ever Hindi Typing Keyboards: Logitech, the company that created computers and mobile accessories, launched new keyboards on Friday. The company has introduced the Logitech K120 and Logitech MK235 wireless Keyboards. That is, both Hindi typing keyboards. Under the Digital India campaign, the company has tried to capture the user’s attention especially with the Hindi keyboard.

Logitech Launched First Ever Hindi Typing Keyboards
Logitech Launched First Ever Hindi Typing Keyboards

Due to digitization, most of the work has been changed from manual to computer. Basic requirements for many corporate areas, government offices, publishing houses and media houses are Hindi typing. So far, a person used to practice Hindi typing on English keyboard, No keyboard with the Hindi script was available in the market. Logitech took this opportunity of Hindi keyboard and the big need and started its first keyboard with the Hindi letter.

Speaking of price and availability, Devnagari Logitech K120 is priced at Rs 695, which comes with 3 years warranty. The second keyboard is Logitech MK235 wireless, which comes with the mouse. It’s price Rs 1,995. The company is also offering 1 year warranty on this. Both keyboards will start selling on Amazon India from April 15th.

With the launch, Logitech said, “Our goal is to bring 40 million Hindi speakers together. We have come here under the Digital India campaign of the Government of India. ”

Sumant Dutta, Managing Director, Logitech (India & SWA) said in the program, “We are proud that under the Digital India campaign, we have brought a product that will prove to be a bridge between the country and the digital mediums. Language should never be obstructed in adopting new technology. Keeping this in mind, we have loaded the Logitech K120, MK235 keyboard.

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