Alternatives Way to Use Google View Image Button

Earlier, we used View Image button to view and download the images without having visit any website, but some time ago Google View Image button has removed from the Google search engine. So in this article, we are going to tell you some alternative ways to use feature like Google View Image Button.

Alternatives Way to Use Google View Image Button
Alternatives Way to Use Google View Image Button

World’s most popular search engine Google recently decided to remove the ‘View Image’ button from Image Search Results. This has been done to prohibit the download of copyright photographs. At the same time, in response to the partnership with Getty Images, Google has stated that copyright and disclaimer will now be clearly visible in the image search result. This means that now the user has to go to the website for photographs and scroll through the site to find a particular image. Before this, users were able to view images in full-resolution on the search page through the view image button. Users did not need to go to the website where the photos were published.

The decision to remove the ‘View Image’ button was taken after the global licensing deal between Google and Getty Images. Now Google will be able to utilize Getty’s many products and services content. After the arrival of new features, wrong use of copyright photographs will be difficult. But work has increased for the people who use the picture correctly. However, its solution has come on the internet.

View Image Extensions

There is a new Chrome extension that brings back the ‘View Image’ button to the same place where Google had placed it first. The extension has been named the view image. By the way, you can still go to the website and download them by right clicking on the photos. But the extension makes this process easy and you can view image in full resolution. This extension is available for Google Chrome and Firefox. This extension working perfectly like Google’ view images button. Presently, it has about 25 thousand users who download it.

Other Search Engines

The View Image button has been removed by Google search engine only and still images can be downloaded from other search engines. Google’s decision to delete a ‘view image’ button can be an advantage for search engine like Microsoft Bing or Duck Duck Go. The image can be downloaded only after one click on these platforms. Apart from this, Microsoft Bing is considered as the best source for images.

Visit StartPage Search Engine

Here is another alternative to view and download image in high resolution. You can also visit StartPage search engine to get the View Image button. In StartPage, You will not even need any type of extensions. This is a Google powered search engine in which you will get View Image Button. It is a search engine focused on privacy and removes targeted ads on Google. This StartPage search engine has also a view image button like Google.

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