CODEX Cracked Microsoft UWP Security

CODEX Cracked Microsoft UWP Security: Microsoft Universal Windows Platform (UWP) system is designed to run programs, apps and games on multiple platforms like Windows 10 and Xbox 1 with required code changes for all systems. Who have multiple hardware devices of Microsoft, they can run same app and game on any Microsoft device and there is no need to buy app and games for every device, the same single app and game can run easily with the help of Microsoft UWP system. Microsoft claiming that the UWP system is faster and secure but a group of hackers called CODEX cracked Microsoft UWP security for ZOO TYCOON ULTIMATE COLLECTION.

CODEX Cracked Microsoft UWP Security
CODEX Cracked Microsoft UWP Security

The CODEX group cracked UWP through five layers of Digital Rights Management (DRM) and they were able to change in – game number and other important stuff. These five security layers were placed to keep safe the DRM from any type of piracy and data tempering. DRM including with these five security layers UWP, MSStore, EAppX, XBLive and Arxan.

Codex group has mentioned in a report by torrentfreak that the crack works just on windows 10 version 1607. The Microsoft store has some best-selling apps like Turn10’s Forza Motorsport series and Halo but these types of hackers and pirated games and apps can harm the income and jobs of app and game developers. May be CODEX group found some weakness in UWP system which can be cracked easily.

In this digital world hackers like CODEX group once again proved that nothing is safe and there is nothing that cannot be cracked and hacked.

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