How to Get Rid Of Smartphone Virus

It’s a common question whoever uses smartphone “How to Get Rid Of Smartphone Virus”. Now days, People with smartphones live online all the time and their internet is always on. Many users surf on the internet and go to some such sites where their phone gets infected with virus attack and they do not even know. If your smartphone gets infected with a virus, then there may be several types of damage to the phone and many times the personal pictures of users and many other types of secret information and data are also got corrupted.

How to Get Rid Of Smartphone Virus
How to Get Rid Of Smartphone Virus

However, most users use various types of antivirus applications to protect against virus attack. Which you find easily on Google Play store but you should know that these free antivirus applications are not as effective and cannot completely protect your phone from viruses but we strongly recommended you to spend a small amount on antivirus for complete protection because purchased antivirus keeps your browser safe and tell you which website is safe for browsing and which is not. If your phone has following symptoms it may be virus in your phone.

How to Know Phone’s Virus Symptoms

When your phone gets infected then you see some changes in the phone, from which you can find out whether your phone has infected with viruses or not.

These are symptoms of having a virus in the phone.

  1. Phone Gets Slow

When your phone is attacked by a virus, your phone gets slow. If your phone is slow responding, then you understand that it can be virus symptoms on your Whatsapp and you can see these Signs, the camera respond time and browsing slows down, text messaging and typing slow down.

  1. Internet Data Started To Finish

If you feel that your data is suddenly running out very quickly then understand that these are signs of virus. That’s because the virus is running a lot of background tasks in your smartphone and communicate with the internet.

  1. Phone Gets Hot

When we do call, message or any other type of activity on smartphone, the phone gets a bit hot at that time, but if your phone gets too hot without any activity or on standby mode then it can be a virus Symptoms.

  1. Battery Running Quickly

Our smartphones depend on batteries for work and battery of smartphones can barely run for one day, however it is a common thing but if the battery of smartphone is ending too soon without any use, so this may be a signs of a virus in your smartphone.

  1. Popup Ads and Notifications

Many websites have pop up ads but if you are getting pop up ads notification during phone use and on standby mode, then it is a strong sign that your smartphone is in the grip of the virus attack. Whatever you do but don’t click on this type of pop up ads because these types of ads are specially designed.

  1. Unwanted Apps

If you see an application in your phone that you do not have installed and it is automatically installing after uninstalled then your phone has virus.

  1. Crashing Application

We use a lot of applications in our smartphones and all applications work without any interruption but if the application is crashing automatically and it is happening again and again that mean your phone has virus.

  1. Unexplained phone calls and messages

One sign of virus attack on your phone is when your friends receive unexplained messages and emails from your phone. Virus replicates its self from one device to another device in the form of text. It is also symptoms of your phone has virus.

The Android Virus symptoms and iPhone Virus symptoms are same but the way to remove virus is different.

How to Remove Android Phone Virus

To remove android phone virus you have to remove unwanted apps which installed repeatedly automatically, Go to Settings >> then Apps or Application Manager. Select suspicious app, then remove the app’s data cache by click on “Clear Cache.” then deletes the app’s data by hitting “Clear Data.” When these steps are done, click on the “Uninstall” button to uninstall the app.

If the application is not being uninstalled yet then you have to enter in safe mode of your smartphone, to enter in safe mode you have to press the power button and hold it until the “Power Off” or “Power Option” menu appears, and then hold “Power Off” menu until the option to Reboot in Safe Mode appears then hit OK.

How to Get Rid Of Smartphone Virus
How to Get Rid Of Smartphone Virus

When once you entered in Safe Mode, go to Apps or Application Manager and uninstall suspicious apps that can’t be removed. Some infected apps also install themselves with administrator permission so you have to clear these permissions too.

Go to Settings >> Security >> Device administrators then Deactivate it and then find the app that you want to uninstall, then return to Apps or Application Manager to uninstall. When you done reboot your phone like normal. If you find you still in safe mode then you have to click on Power button again and hold the “Power Off” or “Power Option” to come out from safe mode.

How to Get Rid Of Smartphone Virus
How to Get Rid Of Smartphone Virus
How to Get Rid Of Smartphone Virus
How to Get Rid Of Smartphone Virus


How to Get Rid Of Smartphone Virus
How to Get Rid Of Smartphone Virus

From this way you can Remove Android phone Virus.

How to remove iPhone Virus

To remove iPhone Virus firstly, you have to make backup your device and personal data using iCloud or iTunes. Then Go to Settings >> Tap General >> Tap Reset. Tap “Erase All Content and Settings” to clear all apps and data from the gadget.

Restart your device and go through the initial setup steps again. Sync into iCloud when you restore you’re backed up data.

You can easily remove iPhone virus by follow these steps.

To avoid virus attack just visit on those websites which has SSL certificates like which website’s address starts with https, ignore any free or unsafe wifi connection and use any paid antivirus for your phone.

How to Get Rid Of Smartphone Virus
How to Get Rid Of Smartphone Virus

We hope you like How to Get Rid Of Smartphone Virus article and it helps you to prevent your smartphone from viruses.

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