You know? Why a Hole in the BIC Pen Cap?

We use a lot of things every day in our lives, but very rarely we think about their texture. We use those things and forget them and look them again when we need them. Have you ever looked at the texture of the BIC pen cap? Do you ever think why a hole in the pen cap? So let’s tell you about this today.

Why a Hole in the BIC Pen Cap?
Why a Hole in the BIC Pen Cap?

Earlier it was believed that the companies who making BIC pens make these holes to dry the Pen Ink. You might have noticed that every time when we use the pen, there is a little problem in writing. So many stupid masters used to believe that the hole in the pen’s cap is done so that the life of Pen’s ink can be reduced and we have to get a new pen. But the real story behind it is something else.

Why a Hole in the BIC Pen Cap
Why a Hole in the BIC Pen Cap?

In another claim, it was said that the hole in the BIC pen cap is made for this purpose so that the pen is inserted into the cap and the air pressure remains the same when the pen gets out of the cap. So that we close the cap and there is no problem while opening the cap. But for this purpose, the hole is made in the side of the BIC pen’s cap. So this claim is also wrong.

SO here is the real reason to why a hole in the pen cap.

The real reason for making “a hole in the pen cap” is that if accidentally swallowing the cap of a BIC pen, there is not much trouble in breathing until the doctor can get help.

Why a Hole in the BIC Pen Cap?
Why a Hole in the BIC Pen Cap?

BIC Cristal, the oldest and most famous BIC pen maker, had first started making holes in his BIC pen cap so that when children accidentally swallowed the pen’s cap, they did not have serious breathing problems. And they can survive. You may have seen some elders putting the pen’s cap in the mouth. So the real reason was to make a hole in the pen cap so that nobody would die because of swallowing the cap of the pen.

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