Be Alert-May Your Whatsapp Fake app Messenger for Android

Recently a new disclosure has been related to WhatsApp Messenger for android. Actually, 10 million people are downloading the Fake WhatsApp fake app messenger for android from Google Play Store. According to the reports, there was an app called Update WhatsApp at Google Play Store. This has kept people from downloading for a long time. WhatsApp App is from the WhatsApp Inc developer name on the Play Store. The WhatsApp fake app was also present on the Google Play Store by the WhatsApp Inc Developer Name. In this case, people did not get any other option to get it right or wrong and it was downloaded by 10 lakh people. The special point of this fake app is that it was seeking minimum permissions for installation. This Fake App was present with WhatsApp + Inc% C2% A0. ” However now this fake app has been removed from the Play Store.

Whatsapp Fake Android Version
Whatsapp Fake Android Version

Detected Fake App by Reddit User named Dexter Genius and he recompiled the app to find what he did actually.According to him, this app of WhatsApp fake app has harmed those who installed it in their mobile. It is claimed that hackers used a trick to show WhatsApp Inc instead of the developer name. These tricks can be Unicode.

People usually use the name of the developer to identify the fake app so that they can find out which publisher is the app and the developer is right or not. But there is nothing like this that the name is not the same.

This is not the first time that a fake app has been caught on Google Play Store. Even before this, many virus-infested and fake apps have been listed on Google Play Store. However getting fake app of WhatsApp messenger for android is a big setback for Google security. This app is used by billions of people.

It has been seen before, when people were fooled by opening Apple’s website through a Unicode, because Apple’s domain is and it was done via Unicode tricks and it shows in the browser. Let us know that Google recently removed Zombie Apps from the Play Store, which had viruses.


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