History of Halloween-The Pumpkin’s Festival

On October 31st, only small pumpkins are visible on every side, especially in the United States, England and the European countries. Halloween born from Ireland and Scotland, this tradition (Halloween) came to North America in the 19th century and all religions celebrate this in the 20th century. Festivals have settled in that they have now become their heritage. The people of the saltic community believed in (still) that at this time the spirits of dead people came and came from the worldly creatures. It is also called “Samhain.” It is the day when they thought that the soul of their dead ancestors would come to earth, which would make it easier to harvest them. That is why they would be made witches and animal’s mouths. They danced around fire and wearing artificial skin, their head, and they believed that there was a certain highest natural power. It was believed to be ‘All Saints-Day’ -All Hallows (holy) or Hallows Eve, which is gradually converted to Halloween. On this day, they used to give gifts. In these days, they used to make cakes for these wandering souls. They used to eat apple pie during Halloween’s festival.


In America, it is also added with the harvest-time. Here pumpkin is found in abundance and in large quantities, which can be easily cut. On the front, it is scalded by the scary and stupid and burn a candle in the middle, those who remember the old century keep the night in the dark on the door of the house. This is called Jack-O-lanterns. Pumpkin seeds are fried on this day, besides pumpkin bread, Pumpkin sweet is also made, people also put posters of pumpkins outside the houses and also wear poodle-colored clothes. In Japan and Germany the American pop culture has become very popular.

Different types of dresses are worn on this day, such as ghosts-vampires, witch, devil, bones etc. There are also good forms like princesses-sea-Daku, spiderman, superman, clown, nomad, different stories Characters etc. In schools, children display these dresses parade and decorate various fairs.

Dress parties, decorating houses like scary houses. Children take a pumpkin sized bag in their hands and go home and talk “Trick or Treat“. Some people scare the children by wearing ghost’s clothes (Trick), and  most of them put sweets and  candy in children’s bags (“Treat”). Halloween is a festival of happiness.

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