In Mindlab Neurologists Study, Men have the Ability to Hide their Emotions

It is often said that women are more emotional than men, but in study conducted by the Neurologists in Mindlab, it is found that the men are more emotional, but men have the ability to hide their emotions better than women because of which it is difficult to estimate the feelings of the men.

Mindlab Neurologists Study-Men are Emotional
Mindlab Neurologists Study-Men are Emotional

Inspecting 15 men and 15 women in the Mindlab where they were shown 4 different types of things, which were appealing, fascinating, heart-warming and laughing.

In the study of result it was found that the emotions of the men were strong for those who were happy, thrilled and laughing, but in the heart-warming things, the emotions of men in the heart were doubly more than women. All these were done by putting an electrode on the body of the men and women, and on the reaction of their body during different types of things shown to them. But when they were asked, the women said that seeing the things they were shown It was very emotional and the men said they were less emotional.

But men have the ability to hide their emotions better than women because being emotional in our society is understood to be weak and men are taught to hide their emotions and it is always said that do not cry and do not complain. When doing this is wrong to make the impression about the feelings of any person about him that he is weak or strong, it is wrong. Emotions should not be suppressed because we can understand about the men or woman after understanding someone’s feelings.

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