How thieves protects smartphone from tracking?

We all know that how smartphones can be tracked after theft, but have you ever wondered why many times we cannot track our smartphones?

How thieves protects smartphone from tracking

How thieves protects smartphone from tracking?

After the smartphone is stolen, the pattern lock of any type of smartphone is opened and reset as well. After this, a software is installed on the phone with the help of the computer and the phone’s IMEI number is changed. To change the IMEI number of each smartphone, different software comes and the thieves change their IMEI numbers with the help of these software. These software names are Octoplas, Volcano, Flasher, Miracle, ZXX, BST, Turbo, Easy J Tag and SPD.

The phones which have Mediatek chipsets, are easily replaced by the IMEI number of those smartphones, but Qualcomm chipset is slightly bit harder to change their IMEI number, while the IMEI number cannot be changed in Apple’s i Phone, but all the parts of the phone are separately are sold.

That’s why this is the reason why we cannot track our smartphone many times after theft.

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