Craziest Myth And Fact About Food

You must know about myth and fact about food before eat.

craziest fact about food

1. Myth -You can Eat whatever you need in breakfast.

Fact – The ideal breakfast is with protein, starches, fiber and fat.

craziest fact about food

2. Myth – Brown bread is more advantageous than white bread.

Fact -The calories substance of both darker bread and white bread is practically equivalent.

craziest fact about food

3. Myth – Sushi is solid dinner.

Fact – All types of sushi and soy sauce contain a great deal of calories.

craziest fact about food

4. Myth – eggs are fatty.

Fact – A large egg supplies just 70 calories, so eat and enjoy.

craziest fact about food

5. Myth – If you eat less you will lose weight.

Fact – Just a man who eats 5 or 6 times each day will get more fit.

craziest fact about food

6. Myth – Olive oil is low in calories.

Fact – It has numerous calories as some other oils have.

craziest fact about food

7. Myth – Eating after 6 pm is unhealthy.

Fact – You ought not have large meal 3 or 4 hours before resting.

craziest fact about food

8. Myth – Fruits are healthier than vegetables.

Fact – Vegetables are more healthier than fruits.

craziest fact about food

9. Myth – Tomato is a vegetable.

Fact – It’s actually a berry fruit.

Last But Important Fact

craziest fact about food

10. Myth – People with diabetes  can’t eat sweets, desert or chocolate.

Fact – Use artificial sweeteners in desert.

Make dessert more nutritious, use whole grains, fresh fruit, and vegetables oil when preparing desserts. Expand your dessert horizons. Instead of ice cream, pie, or cake, try fruit, a whole-wheat oatmeal – raisin cookie, or yogurt.


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