Now Wait is Over, Whatsapp brings Message Recall Feature

Message Recall Feature

Whatsapp has become the most used messaging app in today’s time. Whastapp always keep updates to its users with new features, but now Whatsapp has brought a new feature that the users had long been waiting for. whatsapp has now brought a new recall feature in which you can also get back the wrong message sent. This feature is now available for Android, IOS and Windows phone users.

With this feature you can not only text messages but you can also withdraw the images, voice message and location. The time to withdraw the message will be 5 minute. This feature will work only if the sender and receiver have the latest version of whatsapp.

How this feature will work?

Message Recall

Whatsapp sends any message by user to the receiver and also message notification sent to receiver’s phone. Whatsapp has added the option to withdraw messages during this process. The message sent by the sender will be deleted from the user’s phone and it will not be saved in the message chat history. But if you  sent message in the broadcast list, you can not take it back. And if the time of message you sent has been more than 7 minutes , then you can not take it back.


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