Top 10 Craziest Concept Car Designs

Craziest  Concept car designs.

We usually look at common cars on the streets in everyday life but today you are going to see some strange and crazy concept car designs and know who has made them.

10. Alfa Bat Concept car
Alfa Bat Concept Car

The Alfa Romeo BAT is an Italian idea auto. The auto started from a joint cooperation venture between Alfa Romeo and the Italian outline house Bertone that started in 1953. Three autos were fabricated: the BAT 5 of every 1953, the BAT 7 out of 1954, lastly the BAT 9 out of 1955. Every one of the three autos were composed by Franco Scaglione. The autos were named BAT for “Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica

9. Powell Motors – The Homer Concept Car
Homer Concept Car

In 1991,  Homer Simpson got know that he has a half-brother named Herbert powell, who was the owner of a Powell Motors which is struggling. Herbert Powell was so desperate to save his company, he ask homer to design a car for all the  homer simpsons out there and then homer was the result

8. Peugeot 20cup Concept Car
20cup Concept Car

In 2005, Peugeot 20Cup  reverse trike concept car using the Tadpole setup. This craziest concept car design  was built with carbon fiber material and has a 2 seater cockpit.Peugeot 20 cup concept car is looking like a bike from rear end. The Peugeot 20Cup has 1.6 liter engine was made by with the collaboration of BMW and PSA. Turbo-charged, four-cylinder, sixteen valve petrol engine produces  maximum power of 170 bhp..

7. Tang Hua Book Of Songs Concept Car
Tang Hua Book Of Songs Concept Car

Tang Hua is one of those Chinese organizations in the cellar that is audaciously pitching its strange products at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show. The frightful trio of yellow fiberglass and wonderful arranged in their stand influenced us to need to love the upstart producer – in that way. Travis couldn’t control himself. We’re not going to state anything raunchy, but rather in the event that you take a gander at the profile of the “Book of Songs” topsy turvy, it might look a bit, um, suggestive. The scratched plexiglass data booth is in the display in the event that you need to know subtle elements on the little electric auto. We’ll investigate another of their offerings presently.

6. Assystem City Concept Car
Assystem City Concept Car

A vehicle that has been designed by Franco Sbarro. It has first been presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2008.Assystem City Car is very easy to park anywhere because of its compact dimensions and because of its light weight (only 600 kg),Assystem City Car has three axles, a central one, with two wheels, and one wheel in each extreme of the car. These single wheel axles are responsible for  turning and moving in very less space. The front wheel is powered by an electrical engine.Assystem City Car has 50 km/h of top speed ,the car is basically for regular people for reguler use like Home to Office and Office to home.

 For the roads, Assystem City Car ahs little combustion engine which can lead the vehicle to a top speed of 130 km/h and its fuel capacity is  30 liter, can carry the Assystem City Car to up to 600 km. Both engines turns this car into a hybrid.

 5. Mercedes Bionic Concept Car
Mercedes Bionic Concept Car

The Mercedes-Benz Bionic concept car was by DaimlerChrysler AG under the Mercedes Group. The Mercedes-Benz Bionic concept car was introduced in 2005 at the DaimlerChrysler Innovation Symposium in Washington, D. C. The Bionic car design was inspired by a fish, the yellow boxfish, Ostracion cubicus,The Mercedes-Benz Bionic concept car has 80% lower nitrogen oxide emissions. The Bionic is powered by a 103 kW diesel engine. This engine provides 140 horsepower. The Bionic can touch 0 to 60 in just 8 seconds and the top of Mercedes-Benz Bionic speed over 190 km/h.4. Honda NeuV

4. Honda Neuv Concept Car
Honda Neuv Concept Car

Honda first indicated mystery pictures of its NeuV idea auto in December, however it authoritatively made its presentation at CES Honda said the auto is self-driving and electric, yet didn’t share any detail particulars on those fronts. The idea accompanies computerized reasoning that can “read human feelings” to enhance the driving background..

3. Luigi Colani-Designed Suzuki Concept Truck.
Luigi Colani-Designed Suzuki

He is an unbelievable Swiss-German mechanical architect whose ideas he guarantees are ergonomically better than customary plans. To begin with “Colani Trucks” (in view of Mercedes stage) showed up toward the finish of the Eighties, and a few varieties were made from that point forward.

  2. Alfa Romeo Caimano Concept Car

A sportier rendition of the little Alfasud cantina, the Caimano offered awesome perspectives of the sky and trees on the off chance that you were inside it, and in the event that you were outside it you got an extraordinary perspective of a few people feeling awkwardly hot inside their airless fishbowl of an auto. It looked rather cool, however best determined during the evening.

1. The Dymaxion Concept Car
Dymaxion Concept Car

The Dymaxion auto was outlined by American innovator Buckminster Fuller amid the Great Depression and included unmistakably at Chicago’s 1933-1934 World’s Fair. Fuller constructed three test models with maritime engineer Starling Burgess utilizing skilled cash and a family legacy to investigate not a car as such, but rather the ‘ground-navigating stage’ of a vehicle that may one day be intended to fly, land and drive an “Omni-Medium Transport” Fuller connected the word Dymaxion with quite a bit of his work, a portmanteau of the words dynamic, most extreme, and pressure, to compress his objective to accomplish more with less.


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